About Us

The Anvil Business Club, Inc. (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) is an organization of young Filipino-Chinese businessmen and professionals, aged 21 to 50, committed to propagate positive values in promoting a healthy economy and a progressive society. While the founding purpose of the organization is to collectively project a more positive image of the young Filipino-Chinese in our society, our over-arching mission is to propagate positive Confucian and Filipino values, and pursuing excellence in our respective fields of endeavor for the economic and social progress of our country.

It does this by promulgating business knowledge and ethics, by being the voice of the ethnic Chinese-Filipino minority, and by undertaking civic projects that lend a helping hand to less fortunate citizens. It seeks to develop tomorrow’s leaders from within its ranks, leaders in business and in Philippine society in general. It encourages a sense of socio-civic minded attitude among their members; while at the same time, educates them in the latest business trends and newest philosophies. It imbues their members with the old Chinese ethics and instill in them Filipino values in order to mold the image of the Chinese-Filipino businessman as a highly competitive and formidable force in the professional world. Its symbol and namesake, the Anvil, is also its metaphor, for within the Club, members forge not only new friendships and connections, but also endeavor to produce conscientious, decisive, and well-informed business leaders.





To promote positive Confucian and Filipino values through interaction with persons who have exhibited these values in their lives

To provide a forum for dynamic people of diverse interests to share experiences and ideas for the further enhancement of personal and professional development

To bring out the full potential of members through participation in the activities of the Club

To project a positive image of today's dynamic Chinese-Filipino

To increase consciousness of social responsibility through civic and other activities

To establish links with business organization locally and internationally



A small group of seventeen (17) young and idealistic Chinese-Filipino businessmen and professionals, whose parents were largely active in the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII), pooled together ideas, efforts and resources to establish what was then called the Anvil Executive Club, after months of organizational planning a formulation of a common cause. It had its first organizational meeting on February 15, 1991 at the Century Park Sheraton Hotel, spearheaded by notable personalities as George T. Siy, Jeffrey T. Ng, and Michael G. Tan, among others, which committed to forge a new path as the voice of a new generation of Chinese-Filipino entrepreneurs. In the afternoon of November 22, 1991, no less than President Corazon C. Aquino formally inducted the founding officers of the Anvil Executive Club at the Malacañang Palace Guest House. A brief dialogue was held after the formal induction rites where President Aquino suggested that the Anvil extend its successful civic commitments to include Metro manila’s street children and other disadvantaged sectors of society. Anvil responded to President Aquino’s request for a financial donation to the Philippine Star’s fundraising efforts for Lauro Vizconde, whose entire family was massacred that year.

Today, the Anvil Business Club continues to be as vibrant and as relevant as ever. Scores of young Chinese-Filipino businessmen and entrepreneurs have added to Anvil’s ranks every year, having in its illustrious roster captains of various industries and outstanding professionals.  Through their monthly assemblies, which they call Exchange Forums, they seek to edify members about the businesses that each of them are involved in, enlighten them about their respective industries and hold discussions about the business climate, the national economy and the latest news in the community.

Anvil has been honored to have as keynote speakers every Philippine President since Corazon C. Aquino.  Over the years, they have also invited and broken bread with almost all of the senators, congressmen, governors and other influential personalities from the government. Never shy of controversy, the Club has also been host to some of the most intriguing and infamous characters that have made headlines in recent years. But more than anything else, Anvil is known for honoring successful businessmen and executives, by inviting them to speak at monthly functions. From these meetings, they have established group discussions and encouraged an open exchange of ideas. From the fountains of knowledge of esteemed guest speakers, they listen to their life stories, their struggles and their triumphs, while learning valuable lessons along the way.

Anvil also seeks to broaden the horizons of its members through annual industrial trips that give our members a wider perspective of business, by touring international plants, factories, trade fairs and institutions.  Each year this activity has a local counterpart, wherein members also visit local plants and factories in order to encourage investments in the Philippine economy.

At the core of its corporate heart are the Club’s civic projects.  Members try to give back to the community by sponsoring scholarships to the less fortunate citizens who want to study but lack the means.

As a new generation of young Filipino-Chinese entrepreneurs prepares to take on the mantle of leadership of this Club to the next level, the organization is reminded that as maturing business upstarts, it is only in making a conscious, upward leap – from being mere anvils today to becoming the wielders of the hammer tomorrow – that will make the Anvil Business Club truly relevant.

(1991 – Present)

1991-1993   Elena S. Tan-Coyiuto
 1993-1995   George T. Siy 
 1995-1996   Michael G. Tan
 1996-1997   Steven T. Cua
1997-1999   Michael C. Chenglay
1999-2000   David O. Chua
2000-2001   Wilfred T. Co
2001-2002   Bernard C. Go
 2002-2003   Mark Kendrick K. Cabilangan
2003-2004   Ronald Alan D. Ko
2004-2006   George T. Siy
2007-2009   Wilson T. Lee-Flores
2009-2010   Jeffrey T. Ng
2010-2011   Daniel L.K. Ching
2011-2013   Jeffrey T. Ng
2014-2016   Peter S. Mangasing
2016-Present   Eduardo C. Cobankiat
1991-1993   George T. Siy
1993-1995   Jeffrey T. Ng
1995-1996   Steven T. Cua
1996-1997   Michael C. Chenglay
1997-1998   Peter S. Mangasing
1998-1999   David O. Chua
1999-2000   Wilfred T. Co
2000-2001   Bernard C. Go
2001-2002   Mark Kendrick K. Cabilangan
2002-2003   Ronald Alan D. Ko
2003-2004   Jeffrey K. Cobankiat
2004-2007   Wilson T. Lee-Flores
2007-2009   Eduardo C. Cobankiat
2009-2011   Stefan Tong Wai Mun
2011-2012   Roy C. Chua
2012-2013   Jovenson L. Ong
2014-2016   Reginald T. Yu
2016-Present   Marcelo Co